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To fully enjoy any pastime on the water it is best to be fully equipped with all the safety gear advised. Not only will it keep you safe it will allow you to have a fun day and if anything does happen you will be fully prepared. Kayaking is no[…]

If you are a keen kayak paddler, then you probably cannot wait for your kids to join you on the water. But how young is too young for you to start teaching your kids the basics? There are a few answers to this, one is if your kids can swim,[…]

A kayak is more than just a means of fun, it is also a really good mode of transport. It can take you to inaccessible camping grounds, and extended trips along a waterway. If you like water sports, then it is worthy to buy your own kayak. However, there are[…]

The first part of places in Europe to go Kayaking was focused on France. In this part, there will take a closer look at what other countries in Europe offer, including Portugal and Croatia and Italy. So, let us begin with the first location on our list. Do you want[…]

It is time to investigate Kayaking places outside of United States that are all within comfortable travel distance. Here we will present a short little description about places you can find in France, then in the second part we are going to look at other places that European continent has[…]