Best Shops to Buy a Kayak

Best Shops to Buy a Kayak

Canoe and Kayak Store

The Canoe and Kayak Store was started in 2000 by an expert Kayaker Richard Bennett. Bennett started paddling when he was around 11 years old. The store, which is an independent kayaking store, is located in Gloucestershire. Besides selling kayak sits, the staff at Canoe and Kayak is known to offer great advice and ensure each consumer purchase the best and well-fitted kayaking kit. They have a second store at Cardiff International Whitewater Center where customers can do demos with their kayak on the whitewater course before purchase.

Kayaks and Paddles

This is known as one of the biggest Kayaking shops in the United Kingdom. There is a large showroom and store located at Ivy Bridge, Devon not far from the Dartmoor Rivers and the Devon and Cornwall coastline. The crew at the Kayaks and Paddles are good paddlers themselves and range from they range from Whitewater lovers to surf kayakers and anglers. They are always on ground to answer the question you have that is related to getting a kayaking kit. The Kayaks and Paddles store also has an online shop where you can make your purchase if you aren’t able to make your way to their Devon store.

Kent Canoes

Kent Canoes is a kayaking kit store that is known for selling top quality kayak and canoe gear. The stop was opened in 1998. Grant, who is the owner of the store, has an above basic knowledge of kayaking. He is also a BCU level 5 coaches who is the highest kayaking qualification in the U.K.  Kent Canoe does not pressure customers to buy. Customers are encouraged to browse their large collection of canoes, whitewater kayaks, and sit-on-tops. You can demo the canoes on river runners and Play boaters before you make your purchase.

Manchester Canoes

The Manchester Canoes is located on the north-western side of England. The Manchester Canoes just like the Kayaks and Paddles are a few Canoe shops that have kayaking shops in various parts of UK. They describe themselves as ‘an exciting toy cupboard for kids and grown-up kids’ which is not far from the truth. They have the best kit for beginners and also cater for expert Whitewater paddlers.

Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures is located in Nottingham and is known as the top kayaking shop in Nottingham since it opened in 1987. It provides quality kayaking kits and supply to paddlers in all parts of UK and extends to Europe. You can visit their showroom to get the advice on getting a kayaking kit from their staff. If you can’t visit the shop, all you need do is to send them a message or give them a call.

Whitewater: The Canoe Centre

Whitewater also is known as The Canoe Centre is the only specialist kayaking shop in London. The store is large and is stocked with all types of kayaking kits. It is located in Shepperton Marine, not far from the river Thames in West London. The staff is known to be experienced paddlers and give great advice to customers.