Great kayak spots around the world

Great kayak spots around the world

Kayak is one of the most demanding and exciting sports in the world and it is growing in popularity more and more. It requires a lot of skill and physical strength but the views you get while doing it are simply amazing. It can be done alone or in a team. This sport allows you to explore places in a very unique way. Finding the perfect spot for kayak can be quite challenging and you have to take multiple factors into consideration. We have listed some of the best places for kayak in order to make your trip perfect.

Greenland has a very long history of kayaking. It used to be the main method of transportation and you will find many places that are suitable for this sport. Be very careful with the equipment. The water is very cold throughout the year so you have to go prepared. You will also need to see the water currents in order to choose a safe route. The views that you are going to get are amazing. It is not recommended for beginners because there are many pieces of ice floating and they can be quite challenging for someone new to this sport.

Maldives provide amazing kayak places and very warm weather throughout the year. There are many kayak rentals thanks to the fact that this used to be one of the main means of transportation in the past. You will have sandy beaches, warm water and mild sun to accompany you during your trip.  The ocean is very calm and this is a suitable place for beginners. You will be amazed by the crystal-clear water and by the floating buildings from this area.

Soca River is an amazing kayak spot that is found in Slovenia. The water is light turquoise and the natural landscape is just amazing. This route is not recommended for beginners because in some places is rocky and it can prove challenging for someone new. There are many kayak competitions where you can go in order to test your skills. The best time to go is during the summer because in winter the river sometimes freezes and it is impossible to go kayaking.

Geirangerfjorden can be found in Norway. This is a 15 km long fiord that is fully navigable. What makes this place truly unique is the view. The water is quite calm so this is a good place for beginners too. The fiord entered the UNESCO Heritage list thanks to the amazing waterfalls and rocky landscaped that seem to be part of a fairytale. The best time to go is during the summer because the weather is warm and for comfortable for kayaking.

Hawaii is the ultimate kayaking spot. You can practice your favorite sport throughout the year. There are many rentals in this area and the water is very calm. The beauty about kayaking here is the landscape. You will see all the volcanic mountains while practicing your favorite sport. The water is very clear and the weather is just perfect.