How to Improve Your Kayak Skills

How to Improve Your Kayak Skills

Work With Experienced Persons

One sure way to up your kayak skills is to paddle with people who have more experience in the field. Do not hesitate to ask questions to clear your confusions. Most professional experts you know learnt from good teachers and expert in the field. One good thing about kayak teachers is that they enjoy teaching and passing along information on all they know about the game. So make it a point from now to get around with people with different skills sets and try to learn from them.

Learn to Enjoy the Process

You need to accept the fact you are not going to learn all the dos and don’ts of the game in a single try.  You need to watch someone do it first, then you go on to try it out on your own and continue to try until you perfect the skill. Practice still makes perfect even in kayak.

Review Your Performance

One other way to improve your kayak skill is to ensure that you review your performance after each day’s practice.  You can get someone to take a video of you while you are on practice. After your daily practice, try to replay the video with a teacher or someone with more experience. Allow your teacher to point out areas you need to improve on and try to work on it during your next practice.

Go Back to the Basics

You need to start from a river you are confident on. Work on your tricks, make ferries and do attainments while you are at it. This is more important than trying to push through your limits by working on hard moves. Try to perfect on the easy steps first before you move to the tough steps.

Try to Master Flat Water First

Flat water paddling is one of the easy ways to master your paddling. You need to focus on being calm and maintaining a stable boat. You need to also learn the perfect body position, stroke position and glide each stroke as possible. You need to be conscious of the position of your hands and even with how you grip.

Work on your Strength and Fitness

Whitewater kayaking has a lot of to do with your strength and weight. You need to start a fitness regime and also set foals to improve your strength and endurance which is very important if you want to improve. Some routines you can incorporate in your fitness regime include; running, swimming, biking, pull-ups, core training, and push-ups. The key here is balancing it all. You need to engage in your fitness routines for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. You need to also incorporate stretching. Stretching is very important to your strength and fitness regime. Your stretches need to target your shoulders, lower back and your hip flexors.

Learn to Recover

Without rest, all the points mentioned above will be worthless. You need to give your body enough time to recover.