Kayaking – Places in Europe – Part 1

Kayaking - Places in Europe - Part 1

It is time to investigate Kayaking places outside of United States that are all within comfortable travel distance. Here we will present a short little description about places you can find in France, then in the second part we are going to look at other places that European continent has to offer.


First, we visit France which offers a variety of places, depending on what you as a paddler are after, but also based on the paddler’s experience level, with range that attracts everything from beginners to experts and professionals. Not to mention all the beauty and other attractions that this country has to offer.


This is a place worth visiting! Here you can paddle through valleys, surrounded by high cliffs. You should go here during different seasons depending on what your experience level is in the field of paddling. If you want a quieter trip, then it is the summer that is most suitable for you. Bright sun and calm water provide a pleasant journey. If you are looking for a bit speedier journey, then go in spring. River flows faster after snow and ice melts up on the mountains. There are plenty of places along the river that offer both equipment and guided tours for those who have not brought their own equipment or the ones who want to get help from experienced paddlers. During the journey you can pass under Pont D’Arc, an opening in the rocks that is created entirely by nature.


Bordeaux is another place in France that is worth visiting. Here you are offered a variety of rivers that greets all types of paddlers. Perhaps the best thing about this place is that after a nice day out on the river, you can sit on the beach and enjoy a good wine, produced in the area. This is the perfect place for people who want to experience the Aquitaine region of the country. Most of the rivers here flow into the Bay of Biscay.


This is a third place in France that is often recommended for paddlers. Most of all paddling here takes place in Parc Naturel de Normaindie-Maine, which is located around the rivers Sarthe and Varenne. The range of guided tours is enormous, where you can choose between day trips and adventures that can extend over a few days. There is also something for everyone, beginners can experience calm and peaceful paddling, the experienced paddlers can take on some really challenging and fast rapids. There is also no shortage of white-water areas that really test the skills and ability.

If you want, you can also paddle along the area where the allies went ashore during World War II, on the D-day. This, along with the beaches at and Mont St-Michel, make this sea trip a memorable vacation and something you should try. The second part is going to be about Portugal, Italy and Croatia. Be sure to return a little later and plan your next paddling trip with friends in Europe.