Kayaking – Places in Europe – Part 2

Kayaking - Places in Europe - Part 2

The first part of places in Europe to go Kayaking was focused on France. In this part, there will take a closer look at what other countries in Europe offer, including Portugal and Croatia and Italy. So, let us begin with the first location on our list. Do you want to combine a trip on both river and sea where you do not need to suffer from cold water, but also swim and feel war? Then Portugal is a perfect destination for you.


First of all, you can visit the popular Algarve area where many tourists go every year. Here you will find Vilamoura which offers an idyllic setting for kayaking. Here you can take a trip to the sea, basking in glorious sunshine. However, make sure that you use strong enough protection from the sun, like cream and lotion so that you do not get burned, as the sun here is extremely strong.

Kayaking in Vilamoura offers peace and quiet, with lots of coves and caves that are worth a closer look. If you are looking for fast paddling and kind of racing, that means this is not for you. The area is best suited for beginners who want to unwind with a drink in the sun and enjoy a good meal during their holiday.


This is another outstanding place for beginners who want, just like in Vilamoura, visit hidden places and nooks along the coast, and in calm waters under a wonderful sun. Now there are also opportunities to paddle on the Aljezur River, which can also give experienced paddlers an adrenaline rush. But we do mean experienced, not experts, since the river is all too calm to give them a challenge.


There is not really a specific place in Croatia that stands out more than anything else. This is because the entire coastal strip along the Adriatic is worth a visit. If you have time, then you are advised to set aside a week to paddle up and down the coast. Here you will find crystal-clear waters, lots of caves along with magical islands. You need to set aside no less than a week, but the area could keep you busy for over a month if you had the opportunity to stay that long. An excellent tour for beginners.

A little more experienced paddlers can head up along the Zrmanja and Krupa River, offering smoother rapids, waterfalls and water accumulations. It is not often that one can recommend a whole country for paddlers, but this is exactly what applies to Croatia. Wherever you go, you can find something that falls to your liking.


Should you be in Italy, Lake Garda is worth a visit. Take your kayak out on the lake in the early morning, before the surroundings wake up, and you can really experience what peace and quiet means. The sun rises slowly from behind the mountains and lights up the whole lake. It is difficult to find such a beautiful environment, which makes it definitely worth a trip.