The Joys of Kayak Camping

The Joys of Kayak Camping

What is kayak camping? Well it is not actually rocket science; kayak camping is actually as it sounds. Going camping but using a kayak to get to the places you want to go. Think of it as backpacking but on the water. The beauty of paddling on the water is that you don’t have to drag a heavy pack around on your back. Simply stow it on the boat and paddle away.

Kayak vs Canoe

Kayaks and Canoes are similar sorts of boats that you paddle. The main difference between them is that canoes have a far more open design to them. Plus in a canoe you paddle with a single blade. In a kayak the boat is wrapped around you and you sit in a much lower position than you do in a canoe. The big advantage of this is that there is plenty of place to store your camping equipment that is not open to the water. But conversely canoes generally have more luggage space.

Great Camping Tips

Using a kayak to get you to your nominated camping ground is a really good idea. The small craft is ideal for taking you places that you simply cannot access by land. Small islands and remote beaches are just some of the destinations you can choose. Plan your trip well in advance and be meticulous over the route you will take. This is because you will have to leave behind an agenda of where and when you are going in case of an accident or an emergency. Try to choose waters that are calm and not open to sudden change, this will help you relax on your camping holiday.

On your first foray into kayak camping pick a one or two night stay somewhere near. Test out your equipment and boat for storage. And see if you are physically fit enough to paddle to your destination and more importantly back again. Finally take all the safety equipment that you think you may need for water and land. You never know what the next bend in the river may bring so be fully prepared. Remember all maps should have waterproof covers and any delicate accessories must be safely stored in the water-tight compartments in the bulkhead.

Loading Your Kayak

Once you have all your gear assembled it is time to stow your equipment away. Never exceed your kayak’s maximum loading capacity, no matter if you have to leave some personal essentials behind. Think like a true backpacker who wants their packs as light as possible. You should concentrate packing your gear as low in the boat as possible, and if you can fairly central. That way the kayak will not be too heavy aft or forward.

The best available kayaks for camping and for long tours are sturdy all-weather boats. These types of craft are fairly easy to maneuver and have loads of watertight storage. Kayak camping can be a wonderful experience, you are as close to nature as you can possibly get and some of the camping grounds are completely deserted for as much peace and rest as you need.