Top Reasons To Go Kayaking

Top Reasons To Go Kayaking

Kayaking, although similar, but not to be confused with rafting, is a water sport that can be done in any type of body of water and is usually done while people are out camping or fishing. Kayaking is simply moving across water in a kayak. Different types of kayaks are designed to handle specific conditions. Some are made for taking on white water courses, while others are made for racing. Rivers, lakes, oceans, and surf zones are popular spots for kayaking and because of the different types, everyone from beginners to veterans can enjoy the sport. If you have never tried kayaking before, you may have questions and wonder if it’s for you. Here are several reasons to go kayaking.

Get Closer To Nature

When kayaking, you have more of a chance to connect and become closer with nature, than you do with any other outdoor activity. You’re able to travel to different sights and enjoy beautiful sceneries that only very little people are able to access. If you are into recreational kayaking, you may have noticed by now how peaceful and tranquil it is. You’re away from any type of noise, dust, smoke, and the congestion that sometimes comes along with urban settings.

Spend Time With Friends and Family

Kayaking can be tons of fun when you take friends and/or family out there with you. Kayakers share a strong bond with fellow enthusiasts which builds relationships and really increases closeness. Whether you’re wanting to hang out, have some fun, or be competitive out on the water, kayaking is the way to go. For me, my spouse and I really love activities that allow us to engage with one another and have fun at the same time. Kayaking is one outdoor sport that allows you to engage and create long lasting, adventurous, fun memories with your partner, friends, or family.

To Relax and Disconnect

Kayaking is a very adventurous activity. You never know what you’re going to encounter when out on the water, however, it is also extremely relaxing.  Kayaking gives you a chance to be out on the water, whether you’re with friends and family or by yourself. When you’re out there, there are no distractions such as laptops and cell phones. Nowadays, people are always on their electronic devices and it’s like we never get the chance to truly just be in the moment. This is true for myself, as well. If I am not on my computer checking emails for work, I’m either playing keno or spinning games at one of my favorite gaming sites. I enjoy it, but it can become repetitive. If you’re like me, and never disconnect from the online world, then kayaking can be really good for you. While kayaking, it’s just you, your kayak, and nature. It can be really relaxing and a chance to just be to yourself without any interruptions.

Great Exercise

Kayaking is not only great for aerobic exercise, but it also tones your tummy. Very few other outdoor activities offer this level of aerobic exercise coupled with upper body conditioning. According to scientific research that’s been done, kayaking for just one hour can burn up to 500 calories. So, just think, if you go kayaking for four hours, you can burn a whopping 2,000 calories. Also, kayaking can really help get that six pack that you’ve always wanted. The rotational paddling movements you make while kayaking give your core muscles some really good working out. This also gives your biceps and triceps an amazing workout, leaving you with bulky and firm looking arms. What more of a reason do you need to get out there in your kayak now?

It’s Versatile

Unlike many outdoor activities, kayaking is very versatile and can be done in almost any body for water, as mentioned above. Again, there are many different uses within all those waters, ranging from marathon racing and water polo to leisure paddling. First timers are advised to keep away from deep and violent waters and always bring along a friend or someone who has been kayaking a few times in their life. Another reason why kayaking is so great is that you can also enjoy some fishing while out there. There are plenty of handheld GPS available for fishing if you want to get your bait and never lose your favorite spot.

Nothing More Fun

Out of all of these great reasons to try out kayaking, there really is no better reason than just for some good old fashioned fun! Kayaking is great excitement and there are tons of fun things to experience out on the water. There are very few things that offer the peace and serenity that come from watching the sunset over a deep ocean while chilling in your kayak.