What to Bring with You While Kayaking

What to Bring with You While Kayaking

Are you planning on taking the day off to enjoy kayaking? It is a truly enjoyable sport, one that many people all around the world love to participate in. When you are out for the day on a kayak there are a few things that you want to bring with you. Some may seem obvious, some snacks and plenty of water, some you may not of thought of before. Come on board as we bring you a list of what you should take along with you on your trip.

Navigation Tools

Your choice of navigation tool depends on the type of route you intend to follow. You would need a nautical chart and a compass for courses that cut across inland rivers or lakes. If you are going on a coastal trip, then you would need an area guide and saltwater chart. A GPS device would be handy if you plan on exploring areas without clear landmarks. Be sure to talk to the locals for more information on current directions and water level changes. This will be a vital tool should you take a wrong turn and can’t find your way back.

Spray Skirt

You are going to need your spray skirt if you plan on being a little adventurous (that is if you are going to move past the calm waters and go deeper into the sea) you will need your spray skirt to protect the area between the boat’s cockpit and your waist. This is very important because water can move into your boat and cause some bad damages that would ruin your day. Also, you need the spray skirts to protect yourself from cold. It is used all season, so it should be the first in your kayak kit.

Spare Paddles

You will need a spare paddle if you are looking to venture into remote water areas. You don’t want to take the risk of being lost in the middle of sizable coastal water without a paddle. Be sure to mount your spare paddle on your boat and check for it before you leave for your trip. You can also prevent your paddle from drifting away when you get a paddle leash.

Emergency Kits

You should never forget to check your emergency kits before you set out for each trip. You can carry them on a dry, waterproof bag to prevent water from ruining your package. You will need stuff like toilet paper, a rope., a knife or blade, duct tape, safety pins, light blanket, extra batteries, first-aid kit, water purification tablets, spare parts for your kayaking gears and a small toolbox.

Bilge PUMP

While you prepare for your kayak trip, you need to pack a bilge pump for safety reasons. Your boat is likely to capsize while you roam troubled waters, so you need a pump to suck out the water from your boat and put yourself back on track. You should go for the hand pump as it can be easily inserted under your boat to suck water out of it.